Cat Care – Trimming Toenails

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To view the next video in this series click: In this video, Dr. Candy Olson demonstrates techniques for doing an at-home exam, giving oral medication, trimming toenails, applying eye and ear medications, grooming tips, and much more. A variety of tips are given for each sub topic; each section was filmed with one of her real patients!


Allyson Rodriguez says:

Wow easy does it. Thanks!

Nancy Nucci says:

Great advice. The picture really helped.

Debra Domeier says:

Thank you. I have never touched the quick, but I am always afraid of
cutting it. Thank you for the nail clipping tip and picture. Also, I have
been missing the fifth nail. Thank you for the tips. Great video.

LazyEyeMcFly says:


Janice T. says:

If I tried that with my cat I would end up requiring numerous stitches.

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